Sweatlodge with Vigyan

The dream-lodge is a vision and a myth about who we are.
It is a story about how we create our life’s.
Many of us are Dreaming about a better world
for our self our children friends and community.
We see the consequences of our lifestyle and we
are looking for alternatives and work to find new ways.
We work different paths in life and come
up with different solutions to the questions we face as
earth community

The Dream-weaver suggests that it takes
a full circle to create a balanced answer and that to
bring harmony we will have to understand that the story
of friendship and gratitude is the story of prosperity and
abundance of all life

The Dream-lodge is where the circle is the focus
and where the healing happens as a gift to all.

I am a musician and facilitator of in the moment events,
Using the circle as an intelligent living partner in my work.
This can happen in any context like a mans group
Drum circle ore any circle of friends that are willing
To explore whom we are as part of an intelligent living organism.

“In any meting we have the opportunity to conscious be part of
and witness the creation of the moment, and when two ore more
are witnessing that something wants to be born and brought to life
We become the midwife and the soil that a new dream can grow in.
We become mystical gardeners and co-creators of a new vision
for life on the planet earth.
When we start to get a new vision of who and what we are the
Challenges of our life’s changes
We are no longer a problem to be fix
But a mystery to be lived and experienced,
We are no longer a burden on existents but a gift to
Our world, friends and community.”

Vigyan has been a facilitator for more than 20 years
Running men groups – meditation retreats -man woman work –
Sweat lodge-shamanistic ritual- creative workshops –
Drum circles – and more.

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