Aisha Salem

Aisha Salem is a woman of Truth – an Inspirator and guide on the path of Self-realisation, awakening and embodiment, or in short the full-inclusion of every aspect of Reality as the path of the True Human.

Aisha has been facilitating Truth across the world since 2003 and is the founder of the Gateway, which is a cauldron of Truth for the people with whom she works and walks closely with in Life and Truth.

Through 15 years of radical surrender to Truth, Aisha has been merging with Truth in deep realisation of and integration with all of the different aspects of Source; from Hearts Universality over Minds vast expanse and deeply into the Womb of the Earth. As the result Aisha’s Being and guidance holds keys to unlocking our perception and Being all the way to the hidden Core within us – in a multitude of ways. Read more on the The body of Teaching.

In living the eternal and open-ended surrender to Truth, Aisha is endlessly deepening as the sacred divinity, intimate humanity and vast expanse, sharing with us on our Journeys, in many ways incomprehensible to the mind and hidden to the eye.

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