Manish Vyas was born in Gujarat. India and has been learning and teaching music since his youth, which he learnt through the years with different pandits (maestros) he met along the way since his childhood in India, and along his musical and spiritual journey.

He is composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and teacher – he plays tabla and other percussions, santoor, harmonium, piano, keyboard. Along his musical and spiritual path, he has composed hundreds of songs, mainly in the devotional, mystical and sufi genres. He has released 15 albums of music, from mantras to sufi, dance, easy-listening and instrumental based on Indian musical structures and Ragas. He has also contributed to dozens of other musicians’ productions with his compositions, voice and instruments (see discography)

His gatherings, retreats and concerts offer the perfect blend of Indian genuine sounds merged with a touch of fusion, which makes his music so accessible and appreciated by all type of listeners in the search of authentic Indian sounds. When we talks about ‘fusion’ in Indian music, it refers to the incorporation of contemporary elements, but the quality and essence of Indian music remains untouched.

He currently lives in Switzerland, offering his music mainly in Europe, but also in USA and India – where he conducts concerts, retreats and workshops. Having been the coordinator of the music in an Ashram in South India for many years, his music and presence are often said to bring people in a state of inner silence, both through the techniques shared and through the music – which has its soul in ancient India.

His music styles or genres offer a wide range of sounds: ghazal, sufi, mantra, kirtan, instrumental, dancing, folkish, classical… always keeping a seal of authenticity and quality.

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