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Save the world –
The bigger picture. Your role in global change

Now is the time to look at your role in the bigger context of global change, and how your beliefs and actions play into this. We invite you to join us for a world constellation session, where we will use an adaption of the systemic constellation method not for individuals (like in family constellation) but for exploring the bigger collective challenges that we face, like too much stress, the uneven distribution of resources, the biodiversity crisis, the increasing influence of right-wing movements, loneliness, and whatever else that YOU find relevant.

At, we pursue a holistic approach to promote alternative solutions that lead to a more sustainable way of living. How can alternative medicine enter the state healthcare systems? What are the best conditions to unleash your creative power? Where can you decrease your ecological footprint most easily & efficiently? What is your relationship with the person who made your jeans? Will you face your responsibility more easily together with others? How can we educate our children without destroying their creativity? How can new technologies do more good than bad? And how does Earth feel about it all? 

We will collect all participants’ questions and vote for the most urgent one. Through the systemic constellation method, you will receive answers not in the usual, intellectual way but with a unique access to emotional information. You will literally be able to step into these biggies’ shoes and experience the world’s dynamics in your own body and emotions.

Come and explore the interdependencies that drive our world today!

The concept of world constellation arose out of a series of money constellations held at At one point, it became clear that so much can be gained also from working on our collective patterns with money (not only individual ones). Today’s workshop marks the start of a new series of world constellations to be held at from autumn 2018, focusing on central areas of change.

Today’s world constellation will be facilitated by Beate Willma, who is a coach, money coach and systemic constellation facilitator on coaching level who fell in love with the constellation method the moment she met it. 

In the rest of her working life, Beate walks her talk in her other profession as a conductor and producer of new classical music, exploring new markets and business models to create her projects in a financially and artistically sustainable way.

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